Shine Louise Houston Awarded at PorYes Euro Feminist Porn Awards

On Saturday October 17th, Shine Louise Houston (Director and Founder of Pink & White Productions) was honored with an award from the PorYes European Feminist Porn Awards Ceremony, Feministische Porno-Filmpreis Europa, held in Berlin, Germany. Shine was honored as a porn pioneer for her work, along side other notable directors Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle, Maria Beatty, and Petra Joy.

Dyke Porn and Trans Porn, in Bed Together

San Francisco based queer pornographers Shine Louise Houston and Ken Rowe have a queer relationship to each other. Shine directs Pink & White Productions, a dyke/queer porn company with a mission to create high quality queer cinema that represents authentic queer sexuality through blurred gender lines. Its cast is mostly comprised of lesbian/dyke identifying women, though that has never been the sole identity of the company. For Shine, gender fluidity is a key component of authentic queer porn.