PinkLabel Select Films to Premiere at PornFilmFestival Berlin

SAN FRANCISCO, USA/BERLIN, GERMANY (October 14th) — Pink & White Productions’ selected PinkLabel films OCCUPIED and JUSTIFY MY JIZ will screen in an international premiere at PornFilmFestival in Berlin, Germany on October 23rd – 27th, 2013. 


The annual PornFilmFestival Berlin showcases innovative, risk-taking visionaries from film, photography, performance, music, and visual arts to challenge the genre of erotic film. The curated works form a collection of uncensored responses to the social and aesthetic questions of how people represent ourselves as sexual beings, from a wide spectrum of interests and points of view.

OCCUPIED is a queer hardcore romance for the 99%, directed by Shine Louise Houston and based on a story by Drew DeVeaux. When an Occupy protester (Maggie Mayhem) dares to strike back at a brutal cop (Kathryn Dupri), the chase is on. Officer Dupri soon finds better uses for her baton, and Maggie’s neither passive nor resistant. But can a cop be trusted? Or is all fair in love and class war? Artfully edited and beautifully explicit, OCCUPIED keeps you guessing from start to stop. The film also features legendary Feminist Porn icon Annie Sprinkle (herself a champion of sex worker rights and health care) and her wife and artistic collaborator Elizabeth Stephens (in a nonsexual role). (OCCUPIED will screen in the “Lesbian Pain” shorts program.)

JUSTIFY MY JIZ is a collaboration between Feminist Porn Award’s Boundary Breaker Jiz Lee (The Crash Pad, Mommy is Coming) and CyberSocket Award-Winning sexual bad boy Wolf Hudson (L.A. Zombie, Shifting Gears). Inspired by Madonna’s Justify My Love, the video captures the performer’s unconventional sexualities and gender-bending persuasions in a perverse tango that fluidly shifts from soft love to rough, kinky sex just as easily as the performers switch up turns giving and receiving. Natural lighting, short hair, tight bare torsos, fishnet stockings and high-heels blend with unconventional sexual acts including cock-sucking, rimming, pegging, condomed sex, mutual masturbation, nipple-play, “reverse cowboy,” and a rare view of masculine pleasure that couples well with genderqueer sensuality. The icing on the cake ends with Jiz squirting and Wolf coming — on his own chest — in a simultaneous cumshot finale. (JUSTIFY MY JIZ will screen in “Jiz Lee: Performer in Focus.”)

PinkLabel filmmakers Sadie Lune (Eleven Tentacles) and Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films) and Jiz Lee (VOID) will lead workshops as part of the festivities, including Porn 101: Make Your Own Porn, Sexy Schwanger: Sex & Sexuality During Pregnancy & After Birth, and Fucking For Reel: How to Have “Real Sex” in Porn. Workshop Registration is now open.

Porn performers Aiden Starr, Wolf Hudson, and Jiz Lee will be in attendance. The festival will also include works by BikeSmut, Louise Lush (Indigo Lush), Good For Her’s feminist porn maven Carlyle Jansen, a selection of clips from, and will screen KINK, Valencia: The Movie/s, and PEACHES DOES HERSELF.

Find out more about PornFilmFestival Berlin online at Online PDF of the 2013 program is available here.

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About the PornFilmFestival Berlin
PornFilmFestival Berlin will showcase the most innovative, risk-taking visionaries from film, photography, performance, music, the art scene, pornoland and even porn karaoke to challenge the genre of erotic film. All works shown form a collection of uncensored responses to the social and aesthetic questions of how we represent ourselves as sexual beings. The curation of diverse talent ensures a wide spectrum of interests and points of view.

PornFilmFestival Berlin seeks to harness these developing attitudes and trends by inviting artists, photographers and filmmakers whose work invokes sex, curiosity, desire, fantasy and satisfaction in it‘s own right. So be part of this adventure and join the PornFilmFestival Berlin!

About Pink & White Productions
Founded by Shine Louise Houston in 2005, Pink & White Productions is known for portraying authentic queer desire and fluidity of sexuality and gender in adult cinema. The company’s featured films and projects have screened world-wide, and presented at academic institutions, most recently at Stanford University. Houston has been honored at the PorYes Feminist Porn Awards in Berlin and was noted Toronto’s Feminist Porn Awards’ Visionary, as well as Curve Magazine’s Sex Curator. Her work adds representation to queer sexualities, spanning communities of color, gender expression, sexual desire, body politics, BDSM and other marginalized experiences with strikingly beautiful cinematography, humor, and realism. Following the popular best-selling movie The Crash Pad, the company’s website portrays an illustrious San Francisco apartment where queers go to have the best sex of their lives. Houston’s project Heavenly Spire explores masculine sexuality in her signature style. For more information about Shine Louise Houston and Pink & White Productions, visit

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