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The New York Times

Company director Shine Louise Houston was highlighted in The New York Times article ‘Who Gets to Be Sexy?’ on women in porn.

“I focus on the self-expression of the performers and their autonomy,” said Shine Louise Houston, a director. “I feel very aware of where the power is, and I never, ever want to cross anybody’s boundaries.”

BITCH Magazine

Writer Brooklyn White interviews Pink & White director Shine Louise Houston in BITCH Magazine Winter 2019 issue.

“San Francisco–based director Shine Louise Houston is changing the way we think about porn. Her pornography company, Pink and White Productions, intentionally features queer people of color and allows all actors to make decisions about the scenes they participate in. She spoke with Bitch about queer pleasure, the films that inspired her to become a director, and the importance of telling different kinds of coming-out stories.”

Sisters in the Life

The work of Pink & White director Shine Louise Houston is featured in Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African American Lesbian Media-Making (Duke Press, 2018).

“Though the pornography industry has been as much a part of California’s economy as is Silicon Valley, its most successful productions are not often black, lesbian, or female ventures. In Hollywood too, despite successes of black, lesbian, or female films, the industry is slow to support and promote such productions on a consistent basis. Yet Houston emerges in the interval of each industry.”

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