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Inspired by the erotic movies she watched at the PornFilmFestival Berlin, Pink & White director Shine Louise Houston created PinkLabel.TV. The curated site is an online hub for fans of independent adult film, now boasting over 2000 unique sexually-focused films and documentaries, where each view supports its creators.

San Francisco PornFilmFestival

The porn will go on… online! The San Francisco Porn Film Festival celebrates the creativity and craft of adult film, screening in theaters and broadcasting live from the Bay Area to online viewers around the world.

Feature Films

The Crash Pad

The Crash Pad (2005)

Watch the film that started it all. The Crash Pad is Shine Louise Houston’s debut film that kickstarted a renaissance of queer-made erotica. The premise is simple: there’s a secret apartment in San Francisco, and if you’re lucky enough to be given the key, you can let yourself in… and let yourself go.



Superfreak (2006)

The roaming ghost of punk-funk musician and notorious wild man Rick James (played in drag by director Shine Louise Houston) possesses the bodies of queer women who then get super-freaky with one another. Superfreak is whimsical and unspeakably hot.

The Wild Search

The Wild Search (2007)

The Wild Search is a tour-de-force of queer women and genderqueer sex, the ultimate pomo-homo-porno. Hilariously staged as a documentary within a documentary, the film is director Shine Louise Houston’s response to the age-old question: “What do lesbians do in bed?”


CHAMPION: Love Hurts (2009)

CHAMPION: Love Hurts brings porn ringside. JESSIE (Syd Blakovich) is a hotshot MMA jock who gets a big lesson in humility as she juggles her relationships and her career. Will she win or will she lose?



A freelance photographer and woman about town, CHARLIE (Beretta James) has her sights set on DANNY (Chocolate Chip), an older butch in search of adventure and romance. Just as things are about to click, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murderer and becomes his new target. With a killer hot on her trail — and a new relationship developing — will Charlie find love… or her own demise?

Short Films

CrashPad Classics (2012)

“At first, I wondered if Zelda du Jour intended to turn the CrashPad into a laundry mat, but it turned out those clothes pins were destined for more creative uses. The strongest sensation is when they come back off, you know… so imagine what Siren Wolf felt when they all came zipping off at the same time. Or better yet, don’t imagine; go try it yourself! After, you can use the pins to hang your undies out to dry.” – Keymaster

Remastered in Black and White.


When an Occupy protester (Maggie Mayhem) dares to strike back at a brutal cop (Kathryn Dupri), the chase is on. Officer Dupri soon finds better uses for her baton, and Maggie’s neither passive nor resistant. But can a cop be trusted? Or is all fair in love and class war? Artfully edited and beautifully explicit, OCCUPIED is a hardcore romance for the 99%. (Original story by Drew DeVeaux.)

THE BOSS (2014)

When this Boss takes you into the back office for a dressing down, your dress is literally coming down. Nina Hartley stars as THE BOSS, bunny-slippered head of porn production company Raven Clawz Studios. But where would the Boss be without her faithful Assistant, Sara Vibes? It sounds like someone is overdue for a bonus, and this job has a benefits package like no other. Who needs time off when you can get off on the Boss’s strap-on cock while on-the-clock?

BED PARTY: Eden Alexander & Sebastian Keys (2014)

Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys have found love and beautifully sordid sex in their queer and pansexual relationship. In BED PARTY, Director Shine Louise Houston and co-director Shae Voyeur break the fourth wall with direct on-camera performer interactions. The result is a “porno vérité” documentary-style look behind the private doors of porn performers.

BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL & Nikki Darling (2014)

Director Shine Louise Houston is back with her critically acclaimed Bed Party once again flipping the porno script with a “Porno Vérité” documentary style look into the private sex lives of some of porn’s couples. Pansexual Jack Hammer XL is an expert rope and BDSM practitioner who’s found a partner in queerly fluid Nikki Darling. They share a love for power play, pleasure, bondage and breath play. If you want to see what tender and thoughtful rough sex looks like, look no further.

CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting (2014)

Queer porn meets sex ed in CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting, the first explicit 101 to the sensual and consensual act of full hand sex. Starring Lorelei Lee and Beretta James, the short educational sex film offers a beginners’ introduction from the perspective of a lesbian couple watching vaginal and anal fisting as seen on

PUT the NEEDLE on the RECORD (2014)

Remember that one person from high school… so hot EVERYONE wanted to fuck them, but no one dare try? For these four friends that person was Samantha, and as they get high and spin vinyl, one of them claims to remember her just a bit better than the others. Terry lifts the narrative needle, but are they just looking to repeat a past track, or get into a new groove? A soft-core short by Shine Louise Houston.

Training Day (2015)

Jiz Lee is out to break records – do they have what it takes to masturbate for over 48 hours? They will if trainer Nikki Darling has anything to say about it. Flex those kegels! Drop and give me twenty orgasms! Squirting is just weakness leaving the body!

Based on a script by Treasure, the winner of Pink & White’s and New York Toy Collective’s Dream Scene Contest!

Writing In Bed (2017)

A mean case of writer’s block and noisy roommates make it very hard for PARKER (Ingrid Mouth) to get any work done. Rowdy AARON (Tommy Pistol) stumbles into Parker’s room late at night rousing her out of bed. Frustrated from lack of sleep and work, Parker tries her hand again at getting some writing done but her fingers find a far more compelling task.


A night out, an old friend, and a special treat coalesce in this poetic short film by Shine Louise Houston.

Starring Nenna Feelmore and Barbary Rose, with appearances by Sal Marquez, Jack HammerXL, Jasper Stone, and Ruckus.

Camera and I (2020)

Make love to the camera! The distinctions between the 4th wall and the gaze are blurred as the camera explores new facets of its own vision in this quirky yet sexy short film by Shine Louise Houston starring Jasko Fide. “Camera and I” is porn for cinephiles.

Chemistry Eases the Pain

Chemistry Eases the Pain (2020)

Frankie is set on her college path with a supportive Mom and tight-knit circle of queer friends. But the laws of attraction have other plans when she catches feelings for her Chemistry study-partner, Matt. Internalized bi-phobia runs deep, and soon Frankie must confront her ambivalence about her desires and fears of being rejected by her community. Which will she choose: Love or her pride?

Meet the Camera


“Can we see it?”

Shine Louise Houston takes us on a surreal exploration of the relationship between subject and Camera.

Compilations & Volumes

CrashPad Series Volume 1 (2007)

Shine Louise Houston returns to the world of her astonishing debut film The Crash Pad for a series of self-contained vignettes that recreate all the power, passion, and hotness of the original. The premise remains the same: lucky queers are given keys to a very special apartment, and once inside, they let their inhibitions go. There are some familiar faces from the original Crash Pad – notably Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and Dylan Ryan – along with a wealth of new hot uninhibited talent, including beauties like Princess Donna and Trouble.

CrashPad Series Volume 2: Unlocked (2008)

Crash Pad Series: Volume 2: Unlocked returns to the eponymous apartment of sexual delight, with all the fun and feisty antics inside secretly recorded by (actual director) Shine Louise Houston in the role of high-tech voyeur-next-door. As always, the series features real queers and trans-folk with a range of body types – though there´s a definite emphasis on the tattooed-and-pierced aesthetic – having realistic (if delightfully kinky) sex.

CrashPad Series Volume 3: Through the Keyhole (2008)

The edgiest installment yet in the series about a secret apartment where strangers and lovers can come together for the hottest nights (and mornings, and afternoons) of their lives. This series is the gold standard for hot queer porn. In this series, gender roles blur and shift and defy easy categorization, but the sex is always relentlessly hot. This is cutting-edge, genre-defying porn, exactly what we’ve come to expect from visionary director Shine Louise Houston.


CrashPad Series Volume 4: Rope Burn (2008)

Crash Pad Series 4: Rope Burn ups the kinkiness quotient in this groundbreaking independent series set in an apartment where queers come to live out their wildest sexual desires.


CrashPad Series Volume 5: The Revolving Door (2009)

Crash Pad Series Volume 5: The Revolving Door returns to the titular no-holes-barred sex space that caters to an ever-changing group of sexually voracious dykes, femmes, butches, trans guys (and the occasional queer cisgender male) under the ubiquitous secret surveillance of a mysterious voyeur played by director Shine Louise Houston.


CrashPad Series Volume 6: Wide Open (2009)

Shine Louise Houston once again opens the door to, where anything can happen if you’re lucky enough to be given a key! Wide Open features a broad range of queer identities, including queer women, femmes and butches, trans men, and lesbian sex plus genderqueer expression and hot action of every kind – it’s passionate, intense, tender and edgy. Directed by Shine Louise Houston; co-directed by Shae.


Heavenly Spire Volume 1 (2014)

Inspired by gay pornography and 70’s cinema, queer porn filmmaker Shine Louise Houston explores her curiosity about masculine desire. The result is a new perspective on male sexuality, asking men from many walks of life to describe their fantasies and tell us how they enjoy sex, and then shows us in cinematic detail.


CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom (2014)

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


CrashPad Series Volume 8: Sex Magic (2017)

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


CrashPad Series Volume 9: Harnesses & Hard Femmes (2018)

Shine Louise Houston is at it again, compiling her favorite five episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, This volume highlights CrashPad’s recent and most femmetastic scenes. So lube up, strap in, and prepare yourself!


Other Projects

Point of Contact

These are the true stories… sexual diaries… told in sweat, cum and pixels… by people you may or may not recognize… to watch their sex lives unfold… and who fucks whom… click now to connect to… Point of Contact.

Pink & White strives to foster new visions in adult cinema. In 2009, the company launched Point of Contact and equipped promising new filmmakers with a budget, camera, and guidelines that enabled them to produce their own four-part series. (Many of these directors went on to successfully create their own work now seen on PinkLabel.TV!)

Heavenly Spire

“Heavenly Spire is a personal project for me. Accepting my own masculinity has allowed me to feel okay about my desire for masculine people, and exploring it in film lets me look at male bodies the way I want to.” – Shine Louise Houston

Inspired by gay pornography and 70’s cinema, filmmaker Shine Louise Houston explores her curiosity and appreciation for masculine desire. The result is a new perspective on male sexuality, where viewers see as much attention given to the wonder in mens’ faces as they orgasm, as they do pop shots. The project invites performers of various masculine genders to describe their fantasies and tell us how they enjoy sex, and shows us in cinematic detail.


Crash Course

CRASH COURSE is an educational program designed to inspire and empower new erotic works from emerging and independent adult producers. The program includes a series of free informational videos, workshops, and articles covering topics including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies and performer advice. The project also offers newsletters (with casting calls and festival submissions), and an international adult film calendar.