CrashPad Screens at 14th Annual San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 15th) — Pink & White Productions will screen a special CrashPad “behind the scenes” presentation as part of The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival’s “TranSex: A Tribute to Christopher Lee” on Saturday, November 9th 9:30pm at the Roxie Theater in SF.

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival Devon Wipp Vaughn Trapp on CrashPad Devon Wipp Vaughn Trapp on CrashPad Devon Wipp Vaughn Trapp on CrashPad

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Part interview, part blooper reel, and part porn, the video features trans men Devon Wipp and Vaughn Trapp as they share their politics behind filming together for Pink & White Productions’ San Francisco-based queer porn website, (Watch their episode, with free trailer and preview pics, available online in CrashPad Episode 135.)

“There is no magic day, where someone pops out and is like, ‘Surprise, you’re a boy now!’, says Devon in the interview. “It’s really imperative for people to understand that it is a process, like all things, like any type of relationship, be it sexually or inter-personally.”

Devon and Vaughn will be in attendance at the event, where their performance provides important examples of diverse trans-identified bodies. Says Devon: “I don’t see a lot visibility among non-binary trans men, or trans men who are okay with certain parts of their body being touched or not touched. And, I want to show that through transition, people are still having sex.”

The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival made history in 1997 as North America’s first transgender film festival. It has built community, launched careers, and mentored emerging transgender filmmakers and festivals around the world. The festival screens films that promote the visibility of transgender and gender variant people and challenge mainstream media stereotypes of trans communities.

This year our community was heartbroken by the December 2012 death of festival co-founder, Christopher Lee. For those unfamiliar with his legacy, Christopher was a pioneering FTM transgender filmmaker, activist and community leader. Christopher made the world’s first feature film starring FTM people of color (Sex Flesh in Blood) and the first-ever all-FTM cast adult film (Alley of the Tranny Boys). Indeed, the trans-masculine porn community in the Bay Area — and queer porn at large — was greatly influenced by Christopher’s work.

The festival has created a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to support the move of the screenings back into the Roxie Theater. Donate and receive perks.

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About the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Founded in 1997 and originally named Tranny Fest, SFTFF was North America’s first transgender film festival. We organized our first festival for the same reason so many other marginalized communities have organized film festivals: the absence of authentic representations of our lives and experiences in the mainstream commercial media. Originally a biennial event, SFTFF screened films and videos by transgender and gender variant media artists whose work challenged stereotypes. We primarily served filmmakers with extremely limited access to venues. After five biennual festivals, overwhelming audience demand led our organizers to begin staging the Festival as an annual event in 1997.

About Pink & White Productions
Founded by Shine Louise Houston in 2005, Pink & White Productions is known for portraying authentic queer desire and fluidity of sexuality and gender in adult cinema. The company’s featured films and projects have screened world-wide, and presented at academic institutions, most recently at Stanford University. Houston’s work adds representation to queer sexualities, spanning communities of color, gender expression, sexual desire, body politics, BDSM and other marginalized experiences with strikingly beautiful cinematography, humor, and realism. Following the popular best-selling movie The Crash Pad, the company’s website portrays an illustrious San Francisco apartment where queers go to have the best sex of their lives. Houston’s project Heavenly Spire explores masculine sexuality in her signature style. Pink & White’s films, and those by fellow queer and independent producers can be found online at, a “Fair-Trade” VOD hub for progressive porn. For more information about Shine Louise Houston and Pink & White Productions, visit

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