Pink & White Affiliate Program’s New Bonus Partner Program

Additional Commission Incentives for Friends with Benefits

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 7th) — The Pink & White Affiliate Program got a little friendlier, with the addition of the new “Bonus Partners” program, which adds an extra 10% to affiliate commissions.

Under the Pink & White Affiliate Program, affiliate partners receive 30% commission on subscriptions to and sales on Now with the Bonus Partner program, affiliates can invite new sign-ups to the program to earn an additional 10% on sales made by those they refer.

The best thing about the program is that it’s already in place. No extra sign-ups are needed. If you’re already part of the program, you’re automatically included as a Bonus Partner.

How to make the extra 10%? Simply encourage others to join the affiliate program. The more sales they make, the more money you make. Invite fellow sex bloggers to join the program, or just include the link on your website as a recommended affiliate program to join. As long as you use your unique link, their sign-ups will be credited to your account.

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How to Join: (hint: it’s easy!)

1. Be an affiliate of Pink & White Productions Affiliate Program. (Sign Up)

2. Create your unique link. Just add your account number where it says XXXXXX:

3. Use the link to invite others to join the program! Here’s a description you can copy and paste to your blogs to help spread the word:

Join Pink & White Productions Affiliate Program to promote queer, feminist and indie porn. The program lets you earn money through sign-ups for, and sales on Affiliates can link to videos by popular, award-winning studios such as Pink & White Productions, Blue Artichoke Films, Heavenly Spire, Buck Angel Entertainment, Trouble Films, Petra Joy, Annie Sprinkle, and many more. Sign up now! (<– Link with your special URL!)

For questions about the program, special banners, or help signing up, visit or contact Pink & White Productions’ Online Marketing Director, Jiz Lee at

About Pink & White Productions
Founded by Shine Louise Houston in 2005, Pink & White Productions is known for portraying authentic queer desire and fluidity of sexuality and gender in adult cinema. The company’s featured films and projects have screened world-wide, and presented at academic institutions, most recently at Stanford University. Houston has been honored at the PorYes Feminist Porn Awards in Berlin and was noted Toronto’s Feminist Porn Awards’ Visionary, as well as Curve Magazine’s Sex Curator. Her work adds representation to queer sexualities, spanning communities of color, gender expression, sexual desire, body politics, BDSM and other marginalized experiences with strikingly beautiful cinematography, humor, and realism. Following the popular best-selling movie “The Crash Pad”, the company’s website portrays an illustrious San Francisco apartment where queers go to have the best sex of their lives. Houston’s project Heavenly Spire explores masculine sexuality in her signature style. For more information about Shine Louise Houston and Pink & White Productions, visit

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