10 Ways to Promote Indie Queer Porn

Promo ideas to promote Pink and White’s sites CrashPadSeries.com and PinkLabel.TV.  1. Write a Review of a film or episode. Here’s an example. (Use your referral link and gallery images to …

Mommy is Coming… and boy does she come!

PinkLabel.tv Takes Cheryl Dunye’s Queer Raunch Comedy ONLINE CYBERNET & SAN FRANCISCO (November 22nd) — Fans of celebrated Black lesbian filmmaker Cheryl Dunye, rejoice! Many know of Dunye’s work in The Watermelon …

The Lesbian Lifestyle Reviews Crash Pad Series and Queer Porn

“There’s a wealth of lesbian porn in the world, but so much of it features women with falsely perfect bodies, acts that are too vanilla or too hardcore and insincere. It’s always too something. Most porn leaves me wanting, but the Crash Pad left me sated. To say that the Crash Pad is hot would be a gross understatement. At each turn I found myself entranced and utterly turned on.” – The Lesbian Lifestyle

Tristan Taormino Reviews Heavenly Spire and Queer Male Porn

“Shine Louise Houston—one of the most influential, groundbreaking and talented queer filmmakers of this century—has just launched her latest endeavor: HeavenlySpire.com, a site dedicated to ‘masculine appreciation … masculine beauty and sexuality and how it manifests on different bodies.’ It features a group of ethnically-diverse models and couples, genuine chemistry, and Houston’s signature stunning cinematography.” – Tristan Taormino

Brooklyn Flaco queers it up on TheLesbianPodcast

TheLesbianPodcast is a fantastic brand spanking new San Francisco-based podcast show. Their 3rd episode features a guest interview with Pink & White Productions’ very own Brooklyn Flaco, who appears on …