The Lesbian Lifestyle Reviews Crash Pad Series and Queer Porn

The Lesbian Lifestyle reviews Shine Louise Houston’s

From The Lesbian Lifestyle:

Crash Pad Series, from director Shine Louise Houston, is changing the face, the body and the soul of porn. This is for anyone who has watched porn and never seen a representation of their own gender in the actors on the screen, or for those who have avoided porn for that reason. In the vast majority (nearly all) of mainstream porn there are only normatively gendered bodies. The Crash Pad Series brings queer sexuality into play in ways I’ve never seen before in porn. With more representations of gender than you can shake a dick at, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, gay or straight, you need to experience the Crash Pad for yourself.

What is the Crash Pad? The Crash Pad is a place, an apartment, where people can go to have sex if they have the key. In the videos there is a “Key Master,” who is seen in the episodes to be watching a live feed of the action. This lends a sort of voyeuristic feel to it, which adds an interesting dimension to it. This draws the viewer into the piece in a way that porn doesn’t usually.

There’s a wealth of lesbian porn in the world, but so much of it features women with falsely perfect bodies, acts that are too vanilla or too hardcore and insincere. It’s always too something. Most porn leaves me wanting, but the Crash Pad left me sated. To say that the Crash Pad is hot would be a gross understatement. At each turn I found myself entranced and utterly turned on. I love the variety of gender expression and desires that are portrayed in this collection. The sex acts are diverse as well, ranging from bio-girl on transwoman penetrative sex with a strapon to lesbian sex without a strapon, to masturbation, to bondage and beyond.

I love the fact that you can download all the videos. Once I had done so, I looked forwards to watching an episode now and then as the mood struck. I took my time in carefully selecting an episode, sitting back to enjoy it on full screen and with the volume up. I wanted to hear this porn, I wanted to experience it, which I don’t want with all porn. Sometimes I watch porn on mute with music on instead so I don’t have to listen to forced moans and fake orgasms. There is nothing fake about the moans or orgasms at the Crash Pad. The moans are real, and hot, and the orgasms? Earth shattering and utterly real.

I love that many episodes feature real life couples. Dorian and Joie are one of them, and I love their episode simply because of their intimacy. It’s breathtaking to watch these two make love. Pepper and Trouble are another real life couple, and they’re like firecrackers together. I’m sure there are more, but I’d hate to presume and be wrong. Regardless, this is porn like you’ve never seen porn before. Go look at the Crash Pad Series website and check it out, and consider supporting some amazingly hot queer porn!