Mommy is Coming… and boy does she come! Takes Cheryl Dunye’s Queer Raunch Comedy ONLINE

CYBERNET & SAN FRANCISCO (November 22nd) — Fans of celebrated Black lesbian filmmaker Cheryl Dunye, rejoice! Many know of Dunye’s work in The Watermelon WomanStranger Inside, and The Owls, but her recent voyage into explicit cinema took the feminist porn world by storm. And the result was met by international acclaim; after all, how often does a “queer porn” film have it’s premiere at a major film festival such as The Berlinale?

Allow us to introduce you to Mommy.

Maggie Tapert as Dylan's mother Helen (left), and Papí Coxxx (right) as Claudia.
Maggie Tapert as Dylan’s mother Helen (left), and Papí Coxxx (right) as Claudia.

Mommy is Coming is a raunchy sex-filled romance set in the international creative melting pot of Berlin. Swiss sex educator Maggie Tapert plays the role of Helen. Her autobiography PLEASURE: Confessions of a Sexual Woman is a Random House Bestseller! Helen’s daughter Dylan is played by Lil Harlow; the two women worked together as sex educators on the subject of sexual age-play — a match made in mommy-daughter heaven.

A take on screwball romantic comedies, Dunye collaborated with writer Sarah Schulman, adding sexual imagery to her ingenious form of storytelling. Producer Jürgen Brüning (known for Bruce LaBruce’s LA Zombie, The Raspberry Reich) backed the project, which she shot in Berlin with an international cast of actors and hand-picked production crew. The result? “Mommy” is porn with a mother-fucking plot.

Structured like an offbeat fairytale, we follow Claudia, Dylan, and Helen as they bumble their way through hotels, queer Berlin nightlife, and their hearts only to realize that in matters of love it sometimes pays to listen to your mother.

The Feminist Porn Awards hailed Mommy is Coming as “Orgasmic Original Concept” and the film has screened from The Berlinale and PornFilmFest Berlin, to Frameline and OutFest. Most recently, it screened in Hong Kong, and was awarded in South America.

 And now, for the first time, Mommy is Coming is available on VOD.

Queer porn fans will see a few familiar American faces in the film, including performers Sadie Lune, KAy Garnellen, Jiz Lee, Judy Minx, Carrie Gray, and the film’s knock-out lead, genderqueer educator, activist, and pornstar Papí Coxxx.

Interior: Nightclub. Papí Coxxx, as Claudia becomes Claude.
Interior: Nightclub. Papí Coxxx, as Claudia becomes Claude.

Dunye speaks to the film’s use of gender and space within Papi’s transitional moment at a queer nightclub.

“The club reflects a mental space,” Dunye told us while chatting at Pink & White’s San Francisco studio. “It’s a ‘hall of mirrors’ and a physical representation of the scopophilia — the love of looking — the very personal level of self-actualization and realization that such an environment allows. You ARE the club.” She adds, “That club is you and you need to explore, create, and manifest these spaces.”

Mommy is Coming Director Cheryl Dunye. (Photo by Andy Wright.)
Mommy is Coming Director Cheryl Dunye. (Photo by Andy Wright.)

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Mommy is Coming is available for rent online at, at $14.99 2-day rental.

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