Crash Pad Series has a Brand Spanking New Look!

In 2006, a new film debuted called “The Crash Pad”. Little did we know that was just the beginning of Shine Louise Houston’s revolutionary brand of unique, cinematic, and authentically queer porn. Five years later, is going strong and continuing to reveal the fluidity of queer sex. We think five years of The Crash Pad is something to celebrate, and we’re going to do it in a big way. Drum roll please….

Crash Pad Series’ Voyeur Cam on Saturday Aug 13th

Ever wanted to sit-in on a porn shoot? Fans, film buffs and feminist porn academics across the globe can now log in and observe as award-winning director Shine Louise Houston films installments of the popular queer porn site, from Pink & White Productions.

Crash Pad Series Celebrates 100th Episode with Jiz Lee & Nina Hartley

This summer our lesbian and queer membership site celebrated it’s 100th Episode! Based on the original “Feminist Porn Best Dyke Sex Scene” smash hit The Crash Pad, the website carries on the film’s hot sex scenes week after week, with diverse genders and fluid sexualities soaking the camera in all manners of toys, kinks, and tricks. We welcomed legendary feminist porn icon Nina Hartley to join the cast. Nina set the pace for authentic lesbian sex and is an inspiration to porn enthusiasts and female pornographers, including director/creator Shine Louise Houston. Nina chose as her co-star Jiz Lee, original cast member and a popular performer on the site who is also an iconic performer in the current queer porn genre.

It’s a Porno Party!

Sinclair Sexsmith and Garnet Joyce are “hosting” a queer porn viewing parting over Twitter on Wednesday December 1st (6PM PST, which is 9PM EST). The two will be live-tweeting their reactions to scenes they’ve selected from nearly 100 episodes. They’ll be using the hashtag #pornparty so log in and follow @mrsexsmith & @garnetjoyce… “If you don’t know Crash Pad Series… well, you should! I think Shine Louise Houston is making pretty much hands down the best porn out there right now, and it happens to be queer and gender-inclusive and kinky as hell and hot hot hot.”

The Lesbian Lifestyle Reviews Crash Pad Series and Queer Porn

“There’s a wealth of lesbian porn in the world, but so much of it features women with falsely perfect bodies, acts that are too vanilla or too hardcore and insincere. It’s always too something. Most porn leaves me wanting, but the Crash Pad left me sated. To say that the Crash Pad is hot would be a gross understatement. At each turn I found myself entranced and utterly turned on.” – The Lesbian Lifestyle

Crash Pad Series Volume 5 out on DVD

Crash Pad Series: Volume 5 returns to the titular no-holes-barred sex space that caters to an ever-changing group of sexually voracious dykes, femmes, butches, and bois (and even the occasional …