Crash Pad Series has a Brand Spanking New Look!

Our new site is live!

In 2006, a new film debuted called “The Crash Pad”. Little did we know that was just the beginning of Shine Louise Houston’s revolutionary brand of unique, cinematic, and authentically queer porn. Five years later, is going strong and continuing to reveal the fluidity of queer sex. We think five years of The Crash Pad is something to celebrate, and we’re going to do it in a big way. Drum roll please….

For the past few months we’ve been toiling on a brand new, totally rebuilt Nothing has changed about our content or how memberships work, but much has changed — and improved — about our presentation and ease of use. Here’s a quick summary of what’s different, with more details below:

  • A completely new look.
  • A feature-rich homepage that includes a calendar of upcoming episodes and events, along with social media links.
  • Improved navigation site-wide, including a unified page for each episode.
  • Preview images and clips of every episode for non-members.
  • The forums will be retired. Instead there will be a support form at the bottom of each episode and on error pages.
  • Our blog is incorporated into the main site, with more frequent posts (including an “open thread” for each episode).

More Than Just a Pretty Face

We’ve cooked up a brand new style that pays homage to Crash Pad’s history while taking our unique aesthetic even further. But the changes aren’t just cosmetic. We’re aiming to make the homepage a social hub where members and non-members alike can see the latest announcements, see what we’re up to on the blog and Twitter, and check the update schedule to see when the next episode goes live or if any special events (live-streams, for instance!) are coming up. Signed-in members can also watch the latest episode and quickly access the latest updates from the homepage.

The layout of the episode pages has also been updated. In the past, each episode has lived as three separate pages — one for Episodes, one for Downloads, and one for the Behind the Scenes. Everything is now consolidated into one page where members can watch the streaming file, download both Windows and Apple OS formats, see the photo gallery, or click over to the Behind the Scenes interview with the performers. Want to learn more about the stars? Click their name to see their character profile, which includes a list of every episode they’ve starred in so far.

Our Characters page has also been revamped to make it easier to find your favorite Crash Pad stars. You’ll now have control over how characters are sorted — including by the date of their latest update — and how many to view on screen at a time.

Sharing is Caring

Have a friend who isn’t a member yet, but you think they’ll love a particular episode? Think something’s so hot you have to tell the world? Share the link! Non-members will still be able to view the description, list of models, sample photos, and a short preview video for the site. Eventually all our now 122 episodes will EACH have a short preview clip specific to them, giving you a taste of every update.

The Discussion Lives On

The Crash Pad forum was once home to lively discussion about the episodes, the stars, and queer porn in general. They were also a place for users to point out issues with the site and help us keep things running smoothly. But in the past couple years, the discussions have moved. We interact with most of you on social media sites, and major announcements happen on our blog. Meanwhile, support issues are often better handled via email.

While we miss the forum, the discussions we’ve had on social media sites and our blog have been at once more personal and more open. They also foster a greater sense of community, and that’s been part of our goal all along. In terms of support, we can get to the root of problems and find solutions faster via email.

So it’s clear to us the forum has outlived its usefulness, to you and to us. As a result, we’ve decided to close the forum to new posts once the new site launches.

Everything will remain there in archive for you to look back on, but our blog will now be the official location for fans to comment about all things Crash Pad.

There will also be an easy, fast and secure form at the bottom of every episode you can use to contact our support team, and a comprehensive “Contact Us” page. This will ensure the right person sees your message right away, and responds ASAP.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are!