Features N. Maxwell Lander

Shine Louise Houston’s PINK LABEL: Digital Distribution for Emerging & Independent Adult Filmmakers Houston’s new fair-trade online distribution creates profitable queer-owned streaming hub SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 30th) — Shine …

PinkLabel Features Sadie Lune’s Eleven Tentacles!

Baby You’re Frozen is a intensely personal and explicit look at the relationship between virtuality and intimacy; how virtual means facilitate connections of the heart and sex across great distances and time zones, but hinders feelings of closeness through digital obstacles. A raw and real portrayal of coping strategies for long-distance love in the 21st century where Skype sex is the best we get, but making love to a screen never satisfies the need for in-person physical intimacy with all of our senses.

Pink Label features Ms Naughty’s Indigo Lush!

PINK LABEL offers several notable studios featuring progressive pornography, including Ms Naughty’s The Thought of Her. Indigo Lush is a small production company directed by Ms Naughty (aka Louise Lush) working to make quality erotic films for straight women as well as unusual or amusing short films dealing with female sexuality.

Pink Label features Petra Joy!

PINKLABEL launches with several notable studios featuring progressive pornography, including Petra Joy’s films: Feeling It!, Female Fantasies, Sexual Sushi and The Female Voyeur.

Pink & White Delight with Shine Louise Houston

Good Vibrations presents an evening with Shine Louise Houston, founder of Pink and White Productions as a special event in the Independent Erotic Film Festival. Join the filmmaker as she journeys through some of her favorite selections and speaks about creating a sustainable adult entertainment company that exposes the complexities of queer sexual desire.
Wednesday, September 21st 8PM