CRASHCOURSE: More Buck for Your Bang

Pink & White Teaches Porn Performers How to Market as Affiliates SAN FRANCISCO (December 9th) — Progressive Bay Area porn studio Pink & White Productions has launched a workshop series designed to …

Crash Pad Series Celebrates 100th Episode with Jiz Lee & Nina Hartley

This summer our lesbian and queer membership site celebrated it’s 100th Episode! Based on the original “Feminist Porn Best Dyke Sex Scene” smash hit The Crash Pad, the website carries on the film’s hot sex scenes week after week, with diverse genders and fluid sexualities soaking the camera in all manners of toys, kinks, and tricks. We welcomed legendary feminist porn icon Nina Hartley to join the cast. Nina set the pace for authentic lesbian sex and is an inspiration to porn enthusiasts and female pornographers, including director/creator Shine Louise Houston. Nina chose as her co-star Jiz Lee, original cast member and a popular performer on the site who is also an iconic performer in the current queer porn genre.