Pink & White Productions Wraps Crowdfunded Adult Indie Film ‘Chemistry Eases the Pain’

Company celebrates end of production and crowdfunding milestone

SAN FRANCISCO — Director Shine Louise Houston has wrapped production on Pink & White Productions’ Chemistry Eases the Pain, a dark romantic comedy starring Lotus Lain with costars Logan Pierce, Mona Wales, and Nina Hartley, Jack Strano, Valentine, Emperatrix, and Nicki Honey in supporting roles.

The 7-day filming took place in San Francisco and Oakland. Cast and crew celebrated the end of production with a wrap party at Virgil’s Sea Room on Sunday night. Houston expressed her gratitude in a toast: “Films don’t make themselves; you’ve actually made this film for me. Without you I am nothing, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Adding to the celebration, the film’s crowdfunding campaign passed a milestone that evening. “Tonight our fundraiser broke $25,000,” 1st Assistant Director Jiz Lee announced to the applause of cast and crew. “Thanks to all the backers who have made this possible.” Star Lotus Lain cheered, “The real MVPs! We’re drinking to you!”

The short film is the company’s second project financially supported by crowdfunding, raising over 106% by more than 300 IndieGoGo backers who pre-ordered early access to watch the film, an exclusive behind the scenes photo book, producer credits, and other rewards. The campaign has garnished media attention on VICE, The Verge, The American Sex Podcast, and Allure Magazine, among others.  

Audiences can look forward to a 2020 film festival premiere and online streaming through the company’s video-on-demand platform, PinkLabel.TV.

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