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19 thoughts on “Guest Book 2008

  1. Jiz Lee

    First Crack! …oh, how appropriate! ; )

    I’ll keep this short and sweet — I LOVE Pink & White!

  2. Cand86

    Whoo hoo, second signature! Let’s see- um, I like this site’s new design (pretty as always, and a little more user-friendly this time), I hope gets back up soon, and keep rocking- you guys know you’re awesome!

  3. Kayleen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE y’all!!! I was on the series site for awhile but finances kicked me off…but I’ll be back!! (damn school!!)

    Thank you for providing us sex-crazed dykes with porn that’s made by people LIKE us!!! My wife and I have been fans since the beginning and continue to adore y’all.

    Thanks again!! PLEASE keep up the good work, Shine and crew

    (someday, I’ll convince my beloved to be one of the couples on your flicks)

  4. Sasha King

    Cheers to Pink & White I appreciate all that y’all do!

  5. BrenRyder

    Pink and White Productions is one of the best porn revolutionists!
    Together we will change the world. I can’t wait to see your updated site.

  6. Jincey Lumpkin

    Ladies, it’s no secret I’m a big, huge fan of your work. Kudos for carving out the space for yourselves and for us. Your talent, dedication, authenticity and sheer drive has been an inspiration to me. I welcome you to explore my site as well. I think we can do some excellent cross-promotion and maybe more.

    Lots of love,
    Jincey Lumpkin, Esq.

  7. ~b~

    I love you all….I dream of one day fucking all off you. Until then I will just continue to masturbate to your great work!

  8. becky

    hey u all esesh the fine syd n jez … will these dvds play in the uk?? i’ve allready got the crashpad and now wanna get my hands on… 😉 the series 1 & 2 and eventually champion xx

  9. Bela

    I love the queer movement for appreciating new visual communications.
    I hope that Europe, eagerly Hamburg will get an apprentice for your DVD productions.

    Love and Respect.

    Big L.

  10. baby ironbird

    u are the best i have seen so far and i am about to buy all!

  11. Paul Jeannotte

    I met Shine and Shawn at The Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis last Sunday. I was so lucky to visit beforehand and they did such a wonderful presentation. These two intelligent, beautiful, articulate women are such an inspiration! I was enlightened and inspired and thought about our conversation all week. Thanks for promoting a sex positive culture through your art, words, and lives.


  12. Luisa

    Grls, I love your production. It is so inspiring finally real dykes into real sex! i love your philosophy! from italy

  13. Catherine McNair

    I’ve had a lot of trouble locally (Syracuse, NY) working with the feminist community. I queer and a Domme, which threw them into a feminist tizzy: How could I be a black feminist and a Domme? It’s great to see dykes taking control of an freely expressing sexuality. Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!
    I wish you’d visit Upsate NY!

  14. Dru Casey

    I’m trying to get into the business. Any tips? Awesome site, thanks for being a great resource 🙂

  15. Lesley

    I just discovered your website quite by accident. It was so refreshing to finally see lesbian porn with actual lesbians in it instead of the usual fake chested straight girls pretending they enjoy grrl on grrl action. It was hot, messy and sweaty like real sex is and not that staged rubbish you usually see in mainstream porn where it is all about camera angles and making sure everything is “seen” when we all know that in real life it is not always like that…. All the grrls in the video were amazing, hot and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Brava!

    Question though, any idea how to get these DVDs in the UK, so far I have had no luck, and I am reluctant to buy the US versions in case I cannot play them.

  16. Shaina

    Really, really love Wilder. Wilder, if you read this — you are by far the most attractive person I have seen. You are genuine looking and just all around attractive.


  17. Vic Hunt

    YAY for HOT queer porn. Big thanks to Pink & White for adding so much to this type of porn. We need more of it! 🙂

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