Pink & White Productions’ educational program CRASHCOURSE features short informational videos by director Shine Louise Houston, and ongoing workshops that cover a myriad of topics, including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies, and performer advice. Guest presenters include Nina Hartley, Lyric Seal, Kriss Lowrance, Jiz Lee, and more to come.

Past Workshops:

DIY Porn: Down & Dirty
Saturday, November 1st 2014 at University of Toronto, Ontario Canada
Presented by Shine Louise Houston and Jiz Lee

If You Build It, They Will .Com: Website Development & Troubleshooting
April 6 at the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto
Presented by Chris Lowrance, with Jiz Lee
Download Supplemental Handout PDF

More Buck for Your Bang: Affiliate Marketing 
April 5th at the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto
Presented by Jiz Lee, with Shine Louise Houston


“How can I make porn, too?” is one of the most common questions we get at Pink & White Productions.

We created our emerging pornographers series Point of Contact, to empower producers with the tools, budget, and support needed to explore the wide world of producing adult content. But we only have so many cameras to pass around, and so many hours in the day to help others reach their dreams of putting their unique erotic visions out to the world in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. That’s when CRASH COURSE was born.

CRASHCOURSE is an educational program designed to inspire and empower new erotic works from emerging (or cross-over) adult producers. In a series of short informational videos, Pink & White’s director Shine Louise Houston covers a myriad of topics including technical information, filmmaking skills, marketing strategies and performer advice. Special guests to help her discuss the expansive world of adult video production include Nina Hartley, Jiz Lee, Lyric Seal, and more to come!

CRASHCOURSE: How to Create a Comfy Environment on Set

This free CRASHCOURSE video was commissioned for Smitten Kitten’s SWELLcon

Feminists talk about the virtues of “ethical porn,” but how does one DO it, exactly? From a production standpoint, several factors combine to ensure a sex-positive and respectful experience on set. With performers AND crew in mind, these steps help to create one of the fundamental elements of an ethical production.

Pink & White Productions founder and director Shine Louise Houston and performer/production assistant Jiz Lee detail the specifics of an ethical environment in producing porn, including: communication and consent, performer care, safer sex, boundaries, gender and language in directing, and much more. With over eight years of award-winning production and performing experience on indie and mainstream sets, Shine and Jiz come together to show how a comfy environment can produce a knock-out porn scene that everyone can be proud of.

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