Shine Louise Houston. Photo: N. Maxwell Lander

Beautifully fucked, beautifully produced…

Pink & White Productions creates adult entertainment that exposes the complexities of queer sexual desire. Taking inspiration from many different sources, Pink & White is dedicated to producing sexy and exciting images that reflect today’s blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities.

Pink & White Productions was founded in 2005 by queer filmmaker Shine Louise Houston. The Crash Pad, Superfreak, The Wild Search, and CHAMPION, and the websites CrashPadSeries.com and PinkLabel.tv. Pink & White has also produced projects such as Point of Contact (an emerging pornographers series), Heavenly Spire, and BED PARTY.

This summer the company will produce it’s fifth feature film, SNAPSHOT, written and directed by Houston.


“There is power in creating images, and for… a woman of color and a queer to take that power… I don’t find it exploitative; I think it’s necessary.”
– Shine Louise Houston
Director, Pink & White Productions

“I believe there’s a lot of room and need to create adult content that’s real, that’s respectful and powerful … I think it’s the perfect place to become political. It’s a place where money, sex, media, and ethics converge.”
– Shine Louise Houston
Director, Pink & White Productions

For more information about Shine Louise Houston, please visit ShineLouiseHouston.com.

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