“MEET THE CAMERA” Shine Louise Houston’s experimental new short debuts exclusively on PinkLabel.TV

“Meet the Camera” Shine Louise Houston’s experimental short exclusive debut on PinkLabel.TV

Meet the Camera behind the scenes
Barbary Rose behind the scenes on Shine Louise Houston’s Meet the Camera.


For Immediate Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA (January 8th, 2024) — Pink and White Productions announces its first exclusive debut of the new year with the release of Shine Louise Houston’s experimental film MEET THE CAMERA on its international adult film streaming platform PinkLabel.TV.

Fans of Houston’s award-winning previous short CAMERA AND I will recognize the thematic camera’s gaze. In this latest venture, Houston takes viewers on a surreal exploration in the relationship between subject and camera.

Starring Barbary Rose, whose previous work with Houston includes the 2018 short film BIRTHDAY and previous CrashPad episodes, the short black and white film teases through 4th walls and erotic fetishes, complete with high heels, mylar balloons, and a cameo by another of CrashPad’s queer porn stars, Little Spittle, who lends a helping hand.

MEET THE CAMERA streams exclusively on PinkLabel.TV. Watch for free with a subscription to PinkLabel.TV PLUS or rent the film a la carte starting at $5.95.

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