Thank you for Supporting our NO on Prop 8 Fundraiser!

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser for the No on Prop 8 Campaign! We are donating all the sign-up sales made all day Thursday Oct 30th. The final count was $557.80!

Here’s a quick shout out to all the bloggers and supporters who spread the word about our campaign!

Violet Blue, Babeland, Good Vibrations, Jiz Lee, Greta Christina, Tony Comstock and Peggy Comstock, Domina Doll, Debauched Domestic Diva, Gwen’s Pop Shot; AfterEllen, Bren Ryder, Garnet Joice, DigiRomp and SFist’s Jeremy Hatch.

(Tweet Love: @violetblue, @Mollena, @iamfivestar, @sarahdopp, @MelissaGira, @jizlee, @dominadoll, @Babeland_Toys, @brenryder, @TonyComstock, @peggycomstock)

If we missed you, let us know!

Please continue to spread the word about voting NO on Prop 8!

Proposition 8 is a Civil Rights violation. Should it pass by majority vote on November 4th, it will add discrimination to the California State Constitution and will be a major step backwards for civil rights and for the LGBT community. Thousands of gays and lesbians have been legally married in California, and many more are planning their wedding vows. We will win equality!

The Good News: The most recent polls show a rising increase of those in favor of Voting NO on Prop 8! This happened because the “No on Prop 8” Campaign got more donations and was able to air commercial ads in prime tv spots, ads which dispelled the many misunderstandings about Prop 8. We’re confident that with a little more financial support, we can win!

We at Pink & White Productions have donated $557.80 (all the signup sales from folks joining on one whole 24-hour Thursday October 30th) to the “No on Prop 8 Campaign“.

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