Supporting our Richmond Sister

This is a difficult announcement to write, and we hope you’ll take the time to read it and help us support a woman in our community.

Pink & White Productions was saddened by the recent news of the brutal rape of a Richmond lesbian by four attackers. You can read more details at SFGate and stay on top of the reports and news through this blog

The queer community has come together, thanks to the orginazation of several caring individuals to hold a vidgil and on January 9th the Velvet Lounge in Oakland a fundraiser for ‘JD’ or Jane Doe to be able to move through this hard time with financial assistance.

We’ve donated memberships to for raffle prizes. If you know of anyone who has “Big Ticket” items to donate, please pass them along to Volunteers also needed.

Friday, January 9th 2009

3411 MacArthur Blvd @ 35th Ave
Oakland, CA 94602

(510) 531-3321
$5-$20 suggested donation @ the door

Not in the SF Bay Area but you want to help out?

Persons interested in making donations should make their checks out to “Community Violence Solutions.” On the memo portion of the check they must write “Richmond Jane Doe.” The checks can then be mailed to:

Community Violence Solutions
2101 Van Ness Ave.,
San Pablo, CA 94806
Attn: Mrs. Joanne Douglas

Thank you, and please pass the word far and wide!
Pink & White Productions