Pink & White Production Premieres Emerging Pornographer Series

CYBERSPACE/San Francisco (February 14th) — Pink & White Productions announces the launch of its new emerging pornographer series, Point of Contact. Equipped with camera and micro-budget, first-time filmmakers took to the streets and sheets to explore sexuality and grow as pornographers. The videos, which span the past four years, will premier on the company’s fair-trade video on demand hub,

Pink & White Director Shine Louise Houston set the new filmmakers up with a suggested structure: a film split into four parts: 1) an introduction about themselves; 2) a solo scene 3) something they currently like a lot; and, 4) something new.

Point of Contact provided the experience that fostered a new wave of queer porn directors who went on to launch new companies. It was the catalyst for Tina Horn to co-create, produce and, and James Darling’s directorial debut that inspired him to create It is also the motivational force behind Cyd St. Vincent’s forthcoming site, BonusHoleBoys.

The project launches with five directors: James Darling, Minax, Tina Horn, Cyd Loverboy, and Shanna Katz. A dozen more directors are slated to follow.

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Point of
Contact, James Darling


“Point of contact was my directorial debut and having a taste of what it was like to be behind the camera inspired me to later continue on with Learning to organize a shoot, budget, and direct while also performing gave me a lot of perspective and respect for the production side of porn.” – James Darling


“I shot a fair amount of queer porn ages ago with and used to be the primary creative director for Barbara DeGeneres, but it wasn’t official back then. Honestly, the hardest part of doing POC was the technical and business end, which is often the case for me.  Queer and Feminist porn remains deeply important to me, and that is why I continue to contribute to it.” – Minax


“With this project, Shine Louise Houston gave me a platform as a sex worker and queer artist. This project empowered me to transform a lot of my ideas about sex and BDSM – age play fantasies, bondage, gender-fucking – into hardcore films. It inspired me to co-create, produce, and direct the multi-Feminist Porn Award winning QueerPorn.Tv.” – Tina Horn


Shooting Point of Contact was a great exercise in challenging me to make the kind of porn that I wanted to see and be in. This was my first experience directing and it really planted the seeds for me for directing in my new company Bonus Hole Boys — because creating gay porn with a trans body is what I really want to do in this world, and Point of Contact showed me I could.  – Cyd St. Vincent (Formerly known as Cyd Loverboy)


“As a sex educator, the more I can support people in exploring their own bodies and desires, alone and with partners, the happier, healthier, more satisfying sex lives people tend to have. This was an amazing opportunity to work with a wide array of identities, and a diverse spectrum of self-pleasure. I learned a lot about camera work, and I loved being behind the camera and getting to be the person somewhat unobtrusively viewing these amazing moments of self appreciation and self love!” – Shanna Katz

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