Jennifer Lyon Bell’s ADORN and WILD CARD now streaming on PinkLabel.TV

Kali Sudhra and Bishop Black in WILD CARD

Jennifer Lyon Bell’s ADORN and WILD CARD now streaming on PinkLabel.TV

Playful, experimental, award-winning erotic shorts now streaming on-demand


SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA (November 21st, 2022) — Pink and White Productions announces the release of two experimental short films, Adorn and Wild Card, by award-winning adult filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films on its indie adult film streaming platform PinkLabel.TV.

“As a culture we still lack the vocabulary to defy the ‘typical sexual script’. We generally assume sex consists of the same handful of acts always in the same order. So many people feel isolated and alone because they fear that something is wrong with them. Little do they know that so many other people feel just the same, for no reason! The script is what’s broken, not us.”

Adorn stars Sadie Lune and Parker Marx, who have such enormous chemistry — and such fun — that you can hardly believe this is the two performers’ first time together. An experimental erotic game. A man and a woman face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What happens in-between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, there is laughing, teasing, fighting, fucking, fingering, kissing. A love scene in reverse.

The short film features music by acclaimed folk-pop songwriter Zoe Boekbinder, and bonus content includes a deleted scene that didn’t make the editing cut but was too good not to include.

Wild Card stars Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra shine in Wild Card, a playful, improvised film inspired by an intriguing card game. Hidden around the room are playing cards, each revealing a surprising nonsexual body part, like “elbow.” Together the two devise experiments around the cards, creatively exploring sensation with shared warmth and good humor. Heat builds as their collaborations grow more daring. Soon they cannot resist finding ways to bring each other to the brink and beyond.

This charming and explicit game of discovery and pleasure is full of warmth, humor and electric chemistry. The film features electropop music by Dutch band Sheila & The Kit and an original dream-pop musical score by Jasper Slijderink and Marnix Dorrestein. Bonus features include an exclusive behind the scenes video filmed by Zoe D’Amaro.

“Great sex is truly a shared improvisation, not a fixed menu: Every moment being a surprise, not knowing exactly what will happen next. Through this simple card game, I could divert the actors’ attention away from the typical sexual script. I wanted their improvisation to encourage them to experiment and communicate about other bodily sensations while engaging with the game.”

Game Night Volume 1 offers fans a special double mini-feature for the option to stream both films, complete with an exclusive bonus interview with Jennifer Lyon Bell who shares her philosophy on making porn and her experiences creating these two most recent adult films.

Find all three new releases streaming on-demand alongside Jennifer Lyon Bell’s earlier award-winning films here:

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Forever wishing that all movies had longer and better sex scenes, Harvard graduate Jennifer Lyon Bell mixes arthouse cinema with hot explicit sex in her own work. She creates erotic fiction films and documentaries through her Amsterdam-based studio Blue Artichoke Films that illuminate the riveting, intimate, and sometimes delightfully awkward side of sex.

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