Champion by Pink & White Productions DVD Queer Fight Porn Shine Louise HoustonJessie Eaton (Syd Blakovich) is a hotshot jock who can’t let go of her ex-girlfriend, Cathy Summers (Jiz Lee) while making her way into women’s professional Mixed Martial Arts boxing.

Her plans hit a snag when a run in with an old nemesis, Bobby Malone (Javier) blocks her way to the top. To save her career she must throw the match that would surely be her ticket into the professional arena. Even trickier is her attraction to the women she is suppose to beat, Violet Vahn (Dallas) who is Jessie’s toughest opponent inside and outside the ring.

It’s a big lesson in humility and integrity for Jessie as she juggles her relationships and her career. Will she win or will she lose? What does winning and losing mean?

Feminist Porn Awards 2009 Movie of the Year

Cast: Syd Blakovich, Dallas Fivestar, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Madison Young, Javier, Brooklyn Flaco (non-sex), Courtney Trouble (non-sex)


Gram Ponante‘s review of Champion

“…cut to [Jessie] swigging whiskey from a bottle and face-fucking fight groupie Madison Young with a strap-on. She fucks her so hard that you’re left thinking that no one will ever wear lipstick again… ‘Champion’ is an excellent movie and proof that you don’t need a huge budget to make a good porn movie, and that you don’t have to have a lot of dialogue to tell a story. I’d love to see what Houston could do with a straight adult movie.”

Sugarbutch Chronicles blogger Sinclair Sexsmith’s Pink & White’s Champion

Pink & White – Houston’s production company – and Houston herself – have been hailed again and again as innovative, cutting edge, and authentic, and though it is starting to sound redundant, I can’t not praise her vision enough: she directs real genderqueer porn, with butches, femmes, bois, and trans folks, in real scenarios with real sex that both inspires and reflects my own sex life. I never saw myself reflected in porn until I started watching Houston’s work – and for that, I will pick up every DVD Houston releases, to support her.

Viviane’s Sex Carnival reviewer Domina Doll’s Champion by Pink & White Productions.

Champion-the latest release from Pink and White Productions-is Shine Louise Houston’s most ambitious, sophisticated film to date.  Houston has taken real lesbian porn to the next level with this feature-length dramatic narrative featuring an engaging plot, excellent acting and dialogue by its cast (most notably Syd Blakovich aka Shawn), with all the authentic hot queer sex that her films are renowned for.

Champion could be Houston’s “magnum opus” if it were not for all the other great future films she is sure to bring us.

Agent Ansley Champion:

Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee have an incredible on-screen chemistry that is apparent in each Jessie/Cathy scene… Champion gives us a whole new meaning to “winning”.

Violet Blue’s Exclusive on Champion on her blog

Shine Louise Houston has been working on this masterpiece of porn and hard-driving narrative to create a true tour-de-force in the world of erotic filmmaking. Looking at the trailer, seeing all the stills and reading about the storyline (and personally knowing not just the incredible people but also the serious talent and passion that went into it), I think this is going to be a hell of a movie. A real movie — with real, queer, authentic hardcore sex in it. What’s more, we get hotties in it like Madison Young and Jiz Lee, plus performers who are true boxers — and in at least one instance, a real-life competitive cage fighter — in the ring throwing down for the storyline.

Dashiell Bennett from wrote in The Inevitable Showdown Between Women’s MMA And Adult Entertainment.

Keep in mind, these are real lesbians—not the fake porn lesbians you’re probably used to. The movie even has real cage-fighters in it, so all the action (in and out of the ring) is extremely authentic.

Lux Alptraum of wrote in A Champion in the Ring, In the Bed, and on Screen.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting “Champion” since we first saw the trailer; when it arrived in our mailbox earlier this week, it took serious restraint to refrain from ripping open the package and masturbating immediately.

What were we so excited about? Well, for one thing, this lesbian martial arts porn epic comes from the fine minds behind such dyke porn classics as “In Search of the Wild Kingdom” and the Crash Pad Series; for another, it’s a lesbian porn. About martial arts. How could we not love it?

…”Champion” delivers, and it delivers in style….

The characters are believable, as is the fighting (perhaps due to the fact that Syd is a for real MMA fighter), and (most importantly) the sex. Syd’s chemistry with her costars is phenomenal—if she’s actually faking her way through the sex, she deserves an Oscar for her performance.


PG-13 Trailer

The film will soon have a website: In the meantime, here’s the Rated PG-13 Trailer for YouTube. Feel free to post it online where you like, and comment!

NC-17 Trailer

QuickTime formatWindows Media Player format. (2008, 90 min.)

Special Rush Clips

As a special treat, watch the “rush clips” from Shine after a day on the set! You can read more about them:

Rush  Day 3:
Jessie finishes her run and finds Bobby looking for her, who tells her about how she’s supposed to throw the fight.

Rush Day 4:
Jessie’s manager Tiny and Bobby meet up in his van. *NSFW

Rush Day 5:
Jessie and her manager Tiny talk about how she has to tone down her being gay for her career.

Rush  Day 6:
Jessie and Violet at Jesse’s gym getting their publicity photos and running into each other on the way out.

Rush Day 7:
Jessie returns to her ex Cathy’s house. *NSFW

Rush Day 8:
Gina approaches Violet; letting her know the fight is rigged. Violet is angry at Jessie.

Rush Day 9:
Fight footage.

Rush Day 10:
More fight footage, with ref.