DOING IT AGAIN Volume 1: Playful Awakenings Added to!

Tobi Hill-Meyer’s Groundbreaking Series and Kickstarter-Funded Documentary on Trans Women Sexuality Now Online

CYBERNET/San Francisco (January 3rd) — Pink & White Productions is proud to add the new releaseDoing It Again, Volume 1: Playful Awakenings to its fair-trade, video on demand hub,

Directed by Tobi Hill-Meyer, winner of the Feminist Porn Award’s “Emerging Filmmaker Award” for her debut film Doing It Ourselves: Trans Women Porn Project, this new erotic documentary series follows four pairings of trans women with trans partners, some who’ve just met and some who’ve been together for decades. FPA heartthrob recipient Drew Deveaux returns to the screen in this highly anticipated, Kickstarter-funded indie film project, and up-and-coming star Hayley Fingersmith joins her for the highlighted first scene of the film, shot at the legendary Center for Sex and Culture. Mixing in depth interviews and explicit sex scenes, this is a holistic portrayal of trans women’s sexuality that has not been seen before.

Be on the lookout for Volume 2: Fearless Revealing, focusing on trans women with cis (non-trans) partners expected in March and Volume 3: Passionate Sweetness focusing on trans women and genderqueers expected in June.

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