CrashCourse! Adult Filmmaking Workshops with Shine Louise Houston

“How can I make porn?” is one of the most common questions we get at Pink and White Productions. We created our emerging pornographers series Point of Contact, to empower producers with the tools, budget, and support needed to explore the wide world of producing adult content. But we only have so many cameras to pass around, and so many hours in the day to help others reach their dreams of putting their unique erotic visions out to the world in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. That’s when CRASH COURSE was born.

CRASH COURSE is an educational program designed to inspire and empower new erotic works from emerging (or cross-over) adult producers, led by Pink and White Productions’ founding director, Shine Louise Houston. Here are our next two classes, which take place in San Francisco, California.

Your Big Idea: Intro to Adult Filmmaking

September 30th, 2017

Sexy storytelling has its own business ins and outs. Whether you’re a curious first-timer or an industry pro looking to pick up some tips, you’re in luck! Award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston (The Crash PadSNAPSHOT) presents the tools to put your best foot forward, from setting up your business to editing your shot. A filmmaker who considers sex part of the narrative story, Houston’s cinematic style, and decade of experience writing, producing, and distributing explicit films are all made available. Come for the sexy stories, stay for the film geekery!

“Shine’s workshop thoroughly covers all the obvious things about porn making, like the perfect angles and editing, but goes even deeper into the areas that you might not think you need to know: legal paperwork, setting up your own business, etc… For me, these often overlooked bits of knowledge made this an invaluable workshop — not just in terms of porn but my broader film career.” – Past Participant

Camera Work: How to Direct an Adult Film

October 1st, 2017

Learn the tried and true techniques for shooting and directing a sex scene that Shine Louise Houston has developed over her career. The course will delve into camera selection and best practices for working with talent. Attendees will get intensive instruction in the 2-camera technique which gives Shine’s work its intimate quality and there will also be critique of the footage shot during the course.

Covered topics include:

  • Camera selection
  • Best practices for working with talent
  • How to create a safe and ethical set environment
  • 2-camera shooting technique