Crash Pad Series Volume 3 DVD

Crash Pad Series Volume 3: Through the Keyhole

Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked DVD from Pink & White Productions Queer Lesbian Dyke PornThe Crash Pad Series, Volume 3 is the best and edgiest installment yet in the series about a secret apartment where strangers and lovers can come together for the hottest nights (and mornings, and afternoons) of their lives. This series is the gold standard for hip, hot, real lesbian porn. Don’t expect fake breasts, scary nails, and bleached-blondes unconvincingly French kissing — these are real lesbians, interested principally in pleasing themselves. Highlights include Dallas and Shawn playing bondage games and deep-throating a strap-on cock; Dylan Ryan spying, getting excited, and getting herself off with the help of a Hitachi magic wand; Jake playing with a couple of incredibly hot femmes — toppy Princess Donna and subby Lorelei Lee; “cousins” Billy Jack Gunn and Paul Gunn bringing rough-and-tumble transman action — with squirting; and Javier and Red in a scene that’s passionate and romantic… but don’t assume the one with the facial hair is going to be the one wearing a strap-on and pounding away. In this series, gender roles blur and shift and defy easy categorization, but the sex is always relentlessly hot. This is cutting-edge, genre-defying porn, exactly what we’ve come to expect from visionary director Shine Louise Houston.

Trailer: QuickTime format • Windows Media Player format (2008, 100 min.)

Cast: Dallas Fivestar, Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich), Dylan Ryan, Jake, Princess Donna, Lorelei Lee, Billy Jack Gunn, Paul Gunn, Javier, Red

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