Dyke Porn and Trans Porn, in Bed Together

San Francisco based queer pornographers Shine Louise Houston and Ken Rowe have a queer relationship to each other. Shine directs Pink & White Productions, a dyke/queer porn company with a mission to create high quality queer cinema that represents authentic queer sexuality through blurred gender lines. Its cast is mostly comprised of lesbian/dyke identifying women, though that has never been the sole identity of the company. For Shine, gender fluidity is a key component of authentic queer porn.

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Crash Pad Series Volume 2 DVD

We return to the eponymous apartment of sexual delight, with all the fun and feisty antics inside secretly recorded by (actual director) Shine Louise Houston in the role of high-tech voyeur-next-door. As always, the series features real lesbians and trans-folk with a range of body types — though there’s a definite emphasis on the tattooed-and-pierced aesthetic — having realistic (if delightfully kinky) sex.

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CrashPadSeries.com Back Up!

After a brief period off-line, CrashPadSeries.com is back up! Thank you for being patient, and thanks to some of our beta testers who will work with us to help get the site looking 100% amazing. ~ Pink & White Productions

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