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Feature Films:
The Crash Pad
The Wild Search
CHAMPION: Love Hurts

Crash Pad Series Volume 1
Crash Pad Series Volume 2
Crash Pad Series Volume 3
Crash Pad Series Volume 4
Crash Pad Series Volume 5
Crash Pad Series Volume 6
Her Porn 3
Her Porn 4
Her Porn 6
Heavenly Spire Volume 1
Crash Pad Series Volume 7
Crash Pad Series Volume 8

Short Films:
OCCUPIED: a queer hardcore romance for the 99%
BED PARTY: Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys
The Boss (Nina Hartley & Sara Vibes)
CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting
Training Day
Writing in Bed

Film Projects:
Point of Contact (emerging pornographer series)
Heavenly Spire


Awards and Honors

SNAPSHOT – 2017 Toronto International Porn Festival “Movie of the Year”
BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling – 2017  “Hottest Straight Sex Movie”
SNAPSHOT – 2017 Cinekink “Best Narrated Feature Film”
PinkLabel.TV – 2016 XBiz Awards Nominated “Specialty Site of the Year” – 2016 XBiz Awards Awarded “Specialty Site of the Year”
Heavenly Spire Volume 1 – 2015 Feminist Porn Awards “Best Boygasm”
“Audience Winner” CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting, La Fete du Slip
“Best Orgasm” 2015 BRIEFS Erotic Short Film Competition CrashPad Romp Comp
“Best Porn Studio” 2014 Best of the Bay, San Francisco BAY GUARDIAN
BED PARTY: Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys – 2015 XBiz Awards Nominated “Feminist Porn Release of the Year” – 2015 XBiz Awards Nominated “Alternative Site of the Year” – 2015 AVN Awards Nominated “Specialty Site of the Year”
BED PARTY: Eden Alexander and Sebastian Keys – 2014 Feminist Porn Awards “Best Boygasm”
OCCUPIED: a queer hardcore romance for the 99% – 2014 XBIZ Awards “Feminist Porn Release of the Year” – 2014 XBIZ Awards “Specialty Site of the Year” – 2014 XBIZ Nominated “Specialty Site of the Year” – 2014 TrannyAwards Nominated “Best Sex Scene” – 2011-2014 AVN Nominated “Best Alternative Site” – 2012 Feminist Porn Awards BEST WEBSITE – 2011 Feminist Porn Awards BEST WEBSITE
Crash Pad Series Volume 6 – Nominated 2011 Feminist Porn Awards
“Audience Choice Award” 2010 Feminist Porn Awards – Crash Pad Series Volume 5 (Shawn & Mickey Mod)
“Movie of the Year” 2009 Feminist Porn Awards – CHAMPION: Love Hurts
“Best Video Feature” Nomination 2010 AVN Awards – CHAMPION: Love Hurts
“Steamiest Trans Sex Scene” 2000 Feminist Porn Awards – Crash Pad Series Volume 2 (Julie & Michelle Aston)
“Best Dyke Sex Film” 2008 Feminist Porn Awards – Crash Pad Series Volume 1
“Best Trans Sex Scene” 2007 Feminist Porn Awards – The Wild Search (Papi Cox & Will Thrustwell)
“Best Dyke Sex Scene” 2007 Feminist Porn Awards – Superfreak (Lorelei Lee, Princess Donna & Dana Dearmond)
“Best Dyke Sex Scene” 2006 Feminist Porn Awards – The Crash Pad (Jiz Lee & Shawn)
Selected, Outfest 2006, the 26th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Selected, 18th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Fest
Selected, Cineffable 2006, Paris, France
Vixens + Visionaries Independent Porn Awards – “Best Dyke Sex Scene” The Crash Pad

Quotes and Reviews

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“Warning, the following may just be too much hotness, too much certainly to contain in just this one little bit of Firefox opened up on the sunniest, sweetest street in the Lower Haight today (of course I blog sex in public), too much hotness for San Francisco, too much hotness for us not to share this gasp, smack, wet-inducing clip that director Shine Houston has delivered to us exclusively from the latest Pink&White Productions feature, In Search of the Wild Kingdom…”
Melissa Gira,
Eros Zine Featured Event

“If you’re in the Bay Area, especially if you no longer understand where the line between homosexual and heterosexual lies, hit the Roxie on March 29 and show your support for local sex-positivity — and, more importantly, check out the new film from one of the most important erotic filmmakers working today.”
Thomas S. Roche,


Vibe Review’s Recommended Site

“Shine Louise Houston – creator and porn producer – has introduced viewers to a more innovative approach to sexual diversity, an approach that is female-friendly and founded on standards of cinematic high quality.”
(

Superfreak and The Crash Pad are’s pick for top porns!

Here! TV pushes the limits with a six-part series on Lesbian Sex and Sexuality. Director Katherine Linton goes behind the scenes on the set of Superfreak, finding out what really lesbians do in bed.

Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex…

“straight-up, hard-core, authentic San Francisco lesbian sex with all manner of toys and techniques. It has the look, feel and style of gay male porn. And from one real orgasm to the next, it’s incredible.”
Violet Blue ,
Time Out NY does Shiner Louise Houston!

Listen to the podcast as Shine and Shawn join Sex with Emily,


Shine Louise Houston guest stars as associate producer with Comstock Films on their latest feature Matt & Khym. Comstock Films offers award-winning erotic documentary films about real couples, having real sex. Check it out!

Eros Zine’s Thomas Roche reviews Superfreak.

“True to the San Francisco school of porn, there have been plenty of handsome butches and sexy tomboys thus far — but as the party winds down femmes Dana DeArmond and Princess Donna up the femme quotient when coquettish Lorelei Lee shows up asking ‘did I miss the party?’ She didn’t.”
Thomas Roche ,

The GV Weekly , interviews three of Pink and White’s biggest stars in
The Porn Star Series
. Madison Young, Jiz Lee, and Shawn provide candid looks into the life of porn star.

Winners of the World’s First Feminist Porn Awards’ Hottest Dyke Sex scene The Crash Pad | Shine Louise Houston ; Pink and White Productions

Violet Blue, sex writer, editor, adult book and video reviewer and machine artist, podcast NPR interview. (free photo gallery)

“Shine is the producer, director and creator behind what is one of the hottest, most authentic lesbian porn companies around…”
Violet Blue,

Read our review

“The first major production of this company is a movie called The Crash Pad which manages to capture bio female lesbian passion really well. The actors run the gamut from butch to femme, and the interaction is tasteful but HOT HOT HOT.”

Read Felice Newman’s fabulously naughty review of The Crash Pad in the SF Bay Times.

“I don’t know what I want to tell you about first—the chemistry between the actors, most of whom are real-life couples; the amazing camera angles showing penetration up close and so clear that you can see the cream oozing; or a shocking cum shot that rivals anything in mainstream porn..” – Felice Newman

Check out Shine Louise Houston interview spread in Curve Magazines sex issue.

1/2006 ‘s highest rated porn pick… hear the podcast!

Eros Guide Erotic Ezine feature Thomas S. Roche’s review of The Crash Pad .

“…the formula is simpler and truer than anything ever conceived of by Porn Valley: ART + SEX = PORN. The Crash Pad is as good as it gets.” – Thomas S. Roche

Pink and White’s first production, The Crash Pad, is released and already getting raving reviews:

“… I was turned on after 15 seconds…”-Cherry Bomb of Queen of Cream: True Tales of the Sex Industry in the City“The first rule of Crash Pad is; Go buy Crash Pad. The second rule of Crash Pad is: Go Buy Crash Pad!”-Tony Comstock of Comstock Films

“…the dykes in “The Crash Pad” really show how good sex is done. The performers’ bodies shine with sweat and you can almost smell the hot lesbian pheromones poring off of them.”-Audacia Ray of Waking Vixen

The Crash Pad stars Dylan and Jiz are featured in On Our Backs Magazine

(we missed this one earlier) is bringing you the good news of Pink and White.

Read what Fleshbot’s Violet Blue has got to say about yours truly…

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